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Wednesday, October 31 2018

Fall means dropping temperatures, changing leaves, closing windows....and smells trapped in your home. Make sure Fluffy and Fido aren't preventing offers from coming in on the sale of your home.

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Wednesday, October 24 2018

Purchasing a home requires trust on your part of all vendors who help you along the way. Home Inspection Services is no exception. Castle Home Inspections in St. Louis has been trusted since 1996. They've done their due diligence to vet all vendors they work with so you can have complete trust in the process of the home inspection.

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Wednesday, October 17 2018


Yup…. I actually said that. There are safety recalls for your house. A lot of them. And, as the new buyer of the home, how in the heck do you make sure your family is protected from manufacturer’s recalls or defects? You’re off to a good start. You’ve booked an ASHI Certified Inspector, you’re aware of the ASHI Standards of Practice for your Inspection parameters, you’re going to attend your Inspection, and your Inspector provides a free home warranty with that Inspection...that’s it right?

Wrong. There’s more added value waiting for you at your appointment! To begin, let’s investigate the concept behind this service -

There are Manufacturers Recalls for items you purchase. - The CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission) regulates and communicates to the public about these things. It’s why we fill out the dreaded “little card” that comes with nearly everything we purchase and mail it in. Because if that carseat, toaster oven, stroller, baby gate, vehicle (insert item here) has a defect and the Manufacturer recalls it, we WANT to know and we want to get it repaired! And when we get one of those notifications in the mail or via email, we look into it.

And the truth is, the Manufacturer also wants you to know about it! Most of the time they have conditions and limitations, but 90% of the time, you can get whatever it is fixed at little or no cost to you. It’s no different when you purchase a home. There are appliances and systems in that home (fyi, the same ones we warranty) that have been purchased and installed and they are subject to recalls too. If your Seller is like my Mom, you receive a 2” thick manilla folder with every system, warranty, repair, and/or recall item that was every bought, updated, repaired or installed….complete with receipts and contact information!

What if your Seller is NOT like my Mom? Who watches out for these recalls then? Who’s got your back when there isn’t that 2” folder? - WE DO!  Every single time, on every Inspection we do! (and yes, it is FREE)

And just HOW do we do that? - Through RecallChek! This free service is automatically provided to you with your Inspection.

  • Your Inspector photographs and uploads the “data plates” for the in-home appliances and systems right from his phone!    Everything they need to know to make sure you are safe is here! - A “data plate” is basically a label affixed to the appliance or system that details all manufacturing information. They use Manufacturer’s numbers and letters in a particular order to tell the system when it was made and where etc..

  • The Inspector collects and sends the information to the company that tracks them for you.

  • In about 10 days you receive an email from them. Inside the email the information is listed and any potential recalls are outlined in the body of the attached report No issues here!!!!

Sounds great, right? Rest easy and know your family is surrounded by safe systems & appliances!

But what happens when there IS a safety issue? - We’ve got you covered there too!

  • When an issue/recall presents itself, your report looks a little different. The appliance/system with the issue appears at the top of the list with clear details of what the potential problem is.

  • Further down inside the same report are clear and easy steps on how to correct the issue as well      Phone numbers and details for the Manufacturer contacts are provided here!

I bought new appliances and upgraded my system; now what? - The initial RecallChek service is coverage for a full 12 months after your inspection. But they 100% recognize that the lovely pink fridge that belonged to the Sellers mom may not be your style, and you went out and bought something new… Guess what, we’ve got you covered there too! Adjusting the items they are tracking is so easy! You just email them or call, give them the information on the new appliance/system and BAM… you’re covered. And for the next 12 months, the same service is provided on the new item!

So, just to recap, the RecallChek service is provided FREE with every inspection we do, it’s for a full 12 months, it covers the appliances/systems in the home, and new/updated items are simple to add. Why does it matter though??? Because 1 in 10 appliances or systems in a home have a recall on them, and it’s usually for FIRE!!!! I don’t know about you, but I’ll take free fire insurance any time I can get it!

And one side note - ready???? - MANUFACTURERS MAKE MISTAKES!!! Really, they do. Perfect example of this was a 12 year old home with appliances purchased and installed during construction. Buyer was having a problem with the microwave and the manufacturer was telling her it was a 20 year old microwave according to the label inside the door!! TWENTY YEARS OLD… ummmm NO! She was a smart cookie though! Found us on-line and called me, gave me the rundown on the issue & asked for help. I reached out to the people who provide the RecallCheck service to us. It took Amity (she’s my fave!) all of about 2 minutes to locate a special “manufacturers bulletin” in her service files. The bulletin stated there was a malfunction during the production of those appliances sold to a specific store during that particular production year, from a single factory. It created incorrect labels with certain letter/number combinations that would falsely indicate the appliances were 8 years older than they actually were. Amity emailed me the bulletin which I forwarded to the homeowner. She presented the bulletin along with her claim for the recall to the manufacturer...AND THEY FIXED IT!

Now, maybe that doesn’t seem all that amazing to you, but it meant a lot to her. That built-in microwave was clearly covered under the recall. However the label didn’t match the correct letter/number pattern and they were telling her no coverage. Wrong…. And now it’s fixed & on file with the manufacturer as having fallen under the mislabelling incident. All because she got the RecallChek free with her home inspection!

The absolute truth is, there are LOTS of Home Inspectors in our area. And each one has different ways of pricing, different software modules (although there are actually guys out there who still use the old “checklist” system...that’s me, shaking my head sadly), different ancillary services, and different options provided with their services. St Louis and the surrounding counties are HUGE. My personal advice is always “do your homework!” (It’s what Liz calls “due diligence”) - Regardless, whatever you call it, it needs to be done. Make

the calls, ask the questions, request the quote in writing… and then… pay attention to “the extras” because they matter. It’s redundant but there will always, always, ALWAYS be someone cheaper...and that $50-$100 savings could cost you thousands in missed items!


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Wednesday, October 10 2018

Not all home inspections are the same. A home inspection that includes added value can save you hundreds of dollars after you move in.

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Wednesday, October 03 2018

St Louis Home Inspectors don't all have the same credentials. Who do you want inspecting your new home?

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